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Where History Is At Your Fingertips

Welcome to our house. We have devoted our site to history, whether prehistoric, historic or family history. It will include some past, present or furture events, and projects we have participated in. Relevant information and helpful hints which might assist you are included.

Right now, we have 3 rooms for you to visit, so make yourself at home. Each room will be devoted to a particular subject, with information that we hope you will find useful, and links that will take you to other places that we think you will find interesting. Just click on one of the WORDS below to take you to the subject you are interested in.


Sometimes we forget, in our busy everyday lives, living in our own little niche, with our own circle of friends, just how big our world is. We also tend to forget the past, of those who came before us, from the history man has made, to all the species of life, many of which are now extinct.

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Remember the universe keeps expanding, and so should your own world.

This site is STILL growing, so keep checking back to see what we have added.

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