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Below is a view of the Green River Formation in Utah.  The Green River Formation covers 25,000 square miles, and on the average, it is 2,000 feet deep.  It covers portions of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.
An important source for fossil fish specimens in America is in Kemmerer, Lincoln County, Wyoming.  The fossils are dated to the Eocene Age (+40 million years old).  This fossil rich area was once the sight of several fresh water lake systems located in an area with a climate that was comparable to the present day Gulf Coast.  Below are some of the finds that have come from this area and were available through retail outlets.  None of these examples were found by us.
Here are two nice images of fossils for Heliobatis radians, which are nice examples of ray fossils.  Many a collector would love to have these, if they are lucky enough to find one, or if they could afford the purchase price.
One last fossil image we thought we would provide you has a little irony in it.  Though they say it is a “dog eat dog world” out there, this image proves that this world is a little more than that.
There is one other area concerning fossil fish collecting that people like to participate in.  If you went up to someone and said that you like to collect fossil fish teeth, people would probably look at you a little funny, because they are thinking of the spiny little teeth that they have seen from their own fishing experiences.  However, if you said you collected fossil shark teeth, you would see people’s eyes light up most of the time.  Though sharks are fish, people do not seem to think of them as such, which may have to do with the fish people catch not being aggressive like sharks.  Of course, the size of sharks probably has a lot to do with it as well.  To see examples of shark’s teeth, just click on the icon below.
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